Steve Roach Arc Of Passion

Steve Roach has released a new two-cd set, Arc of Passion, recorded in a studio-like environment at Analogue Haven with an audience of 80 people.

The set seamlessly fuses three long unfolding soundworlds. Roach reaches into his sonic palette to weave elements drawn from his three definitive styles into a continuous, evolving flow. Rich harmonic chords, spiraling sequences and deep sky soundworlds move fluidly within this 2-hour set.

“This arc represents a trajectory of emotion infused with energy from a radiant, serene core that comes from within the creative moment,” comments Roach.

You can preview a track from Arc of Passion below. More info and samples at Roach’s site.


Disc 1

  • Moment of Grace
  • Arc of Passion

Disc 2

  • Arc of Passion (continued)
  • Views Beyond

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