NAMM: Roland FR-2 Series V-Accordions

Roland v-accordianTired of Lady of Spain?

Next time you see an accordian player, they’re likely to be plaing Lucky Man, or even some hip-hop.

Roland has announced the FR-2 series V-Accordions. These instruments offer Roland’s Physical Behavior Modeling technology, providing true tone and characteristics of the world’s best accordions, but they are significantly lighter.

They also offer drum pads, drum loop support and MIDI connectivity, letting you play other synths from the accordian.

Drum Pads & Synth Connectivity

The FR-2/FR-2b has five pads for adding percussive elements to your performance. They can be used as drum pads, or to trigger rhythms via Loop Playback Mode.

You can also add drum sounds to your bass notes and chords. The FR-2/FR-2b contains 8 user programs for instant storage and recall of favorite settings.

A headphone output is provided for private practice. The Line output lets you plug into amps and mixers. The MIDI output lets you play external keyboards and other MIDI-compatible instruments from the V-Accordion.

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  1. It would be great, great, great, if Roland can also put the speakers in the instrument as an option. Is this being planned? Or, can you already do it?

    Please respond.

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