Alesis Debuts The iMultiMix 9R Rackmounted iPod MIxer

Alesis iMultiMix Rackmount iPod Mixer

At the 2008 Winter NAMM Show, Alesis introduced the iMultiMix 9R Mixer with Universal Dock for iPod.

The rack-mounted mixer with integrated iPod player features 5 mic / line inputs with inserts to allow for external processing of incoming channels or for iPod audio playback.

The iMultiMix 9R also features 2-band per channel EQ, Mic/Line inputs and iPod playback in a single, intuitive package. The iMultiMix 9R can playback music from the iPod and mix your live performances.

iMultiMix 9R features:

  • Integrated Universal Dock for iPod
  • Five high-gain mic/line preamps (XLR and ¼” balanced)
  • 48V phantom power
  • Aux sends and returns
  • Two band per channel EQ with High/Low shelving

The iMultiMix 9R will be available Q1-2008 with a suggested retail price of $399.

9 thoughts on “Alesis Debuts The iMultiMix 9R Rackmounted iPod MIxer

  1. MR Blue – I’m ambivalent about putting iPods on everything – but there are definitely people that want this.

    I don’t think I’d want to tie a high-dollar piece of gear to a gadget that I might not be using in a couple of years.

  2. I play bass guitar in a church band. During rehearsal, we often need to play a copy of the original song to the choir and/or play the song so we can learn it ourselves. If our dance ministry or performing arts ministry travels with us, we do not have to reply on sound techs from other venues to play the appropriate songs as they ahould be played. As for playing a live “gig” I also co not see a purpose for it, but I am wearing my ipod headset jack out by constantly running it through my beringer table top mixer via patch cords. Makes it a lot neater and recharges that IPOD at the same time.

  3. Mr Blue – we use a Ipod live to play backing tracks and send click to the drummer. Many people use DAT or ADAT for this. Ipod works like a charm, just need a rackmount controller, preferably with separate L-R outs, click goes L to drummer, loops go R to house. This thing however is a bit overkill for what we need.

  4. Mr Blue…this mixer is a godsend for groups that use backing tracks…yeah, there are the usual “it’ s not live music” snobs, but the reality is that some venues only want one or two performers (space constraints, noise level, etc). I create my backing tracks in my studio using Sonar and a lot of very expensive hardware (Gibson Les Paul, Fender Jazz bass, Korg keyboard workstation, UA s-610 mic preamp…for starters). I then mix down to stereo mp3 and transfer the tracks to my iPod for the gig. The venue gets the benefit of a full band sound with guitars and vocals live and bass, drums, keyboards played from the iPod…handled quite nicely by the iMultimix 9R…and we get lots of compliments and tips, and everybody goes home happy.

  5. I use Sonar to create backing tracks for my Church choir. I mix them down to stereo .wav and send them to my ipod and play guitar/sing along at mass. We get many compliments too. We used to use CD’s. I can put hundreds of tracks on my 30 gig ipod with room to spare. I’m the only musician in our group (guitar) so the keys, strings, flutes, bass, drums, and other guitars come from samplers step-recorded in Sonar. This has been a boon to our ministry as it is tough to get musicians to stay comitted.
    terry little
    St. Helen’s
    Glendale, Az.

  6. I bought one of these (very cheap btw, not much demand) so I could drop my iPod into my system since I use it to play music in my office/studio. I run the monitors off of the iMultimix and can turn on only the monitor system to play audio. I can turn on the rest (mixer, keyboards, etc) and the monitor output of the mixer feeds into the iMultimix, so it’s effectively a monitor mixer. I also feed my computer output to it. So, when working on computer only (most of the time) I get the computer output and iPod music. Then I turn the other stuff on only when I need it and still have the same monitoring setup.

    Also, I think a lot of bands play music between sets. It’s easy to drop an iPod into this thing to do that. Biggest concern is that it’s in the open and unlocked, so each to pilfer, though you’ll hear the sound go off.

  7. Hi my name is Jared and I am a audio engineer. Well Mr. Blue if you are mixing a live show with just 9 channels that is sad and also it is always nice to play house music as people are coming in and leaving. Also buring a set change. Try it sometime.

  8. quick question: elementary school gym teachers want a system that will allow them to utilize cd's and ipod, in effect all day long. If this isnt the system what would b a more efficient choice.

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