Kenton Releases Merge 4 MIDI Merge Box

Kenton Midi merge box

Kenton has added to their unique range of studio solutions with the Merge 4, a 4-way MIDI merge box.

Operation of the Merge 4 doesn’t get more straightforward — take four opto-isolated MIDI Ins, merge the four streams of data and deliver the combined results to two MIDI Outs (both carry identical MIDI data). Once you’ve set it up and plugged in (using the supplied power supply) you can forget that it’s even there. The Merge 4 is ideal for anyone wanting to combine several MIDI sources without using a computer.


  • 4 x MIDI In
  • 2 x MIDI OUT (both carry identical MIDI data)
  • Merges all MIDI data — including SysEx and Clock
  • DC power input jack 2.1mm (centre +ve)
  • Power indicator light
  • 9V unregulated power supply included (UK, EU and USA types available)
  • We automatically ship the correct power supply for the destination country.
  • Housed in a metal box so it can withstand the knocks.
  • Finished in brushed aluminium with black screen print
  • Powered from a mains adaptor (wall wart), so simply fit and forget.
  • Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 35mm.
  • Weight: 700g (including power supply)
  • Price: £74.97 (inc VAT)

One thought on “Kenton Releases Merge 4 MIDI Merge Box

  1. I wonder if there’s anything to distinguish this from every other midi merger in the world. Since there’s no limit on the size of sysex dumps, the only 100% effective midi merger would need infinite memory to buffer up midi messages.

    Even avoiding that fact, it’s inevitable that a merger would have a couple of milleseconds latency. Something to think about before latching onto a merger.

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