Free Prophet V VST – Prophanity

Prophanity virtual prophet V

Blu Gruv has released Prophanity, a freeware Windows VST version of the Prophet 5.


  • Oscillator A: Frequency, Osc Waveform (Saw/Square), Pulse Width, Sync.
  • Oscillator B: Frequency, Fine, Osc Waveform (Saw/Triangle/Square), Pulse Width, Low Freq, Keyboard.
  • Mixer: Osc A, Osc B, Noise.
  • Poly-Mod: Sources – Filter envelope, Osc B; Desinations – Freq A, PW A, Filter.
  • Wheel-Mod: Source mix (LFO/Noise).
  • LFO: Frequency, Waveform (Saw/Triangle/Square).
  • Filter: Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope Amount, Keyboard, ADSR.
  • Amplifier: ADSR.
  • Volume, Velocity, Master Tune, A440, Glide.

You have to appreciate the attention to detail in the interface – they even got the typeface down right!

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