Music Made From Sampled Car Crashes

This promo video for Happy Crashing was made by Eboman, aka sampList.

Eboman specialises in the production of audiovisual sample compositions (which he calls Sample madnesS), the development of audiovisual sampling software and hardware and performances as a DVJ or with his SenSorSuit.

Here’s Eboman’s I Am Eboman:

The SenSorSuit is part of an audiovisual sampling system, called SenS, which Eboman is developing in cooperation with SmadSteck. SenS enables the user to manipulate audiovisual samples in real time and to combine these in a virtual 3D environment, thereby creating sample compositions or performing these in the studio or live on stage.

Here’s a demo video that shows the SenSorSuit in action:

Here are some more examples of Eboman’s video-sampling work.

Check out this f’d-up video remix of Alicia Keys:

or the way he rips up this Kill Bill fight scene:

Here are some links, if you’re interested in finding out more about Eboman and his work:

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