Dr. Sunshine’s ‘A Rainbow Kitten Christmas’

A Rainbow Kitten Christmas by Rainbow Kitten From the land of WTF comes the holiday cheer of Dr. Sunshine’s A Rainbow Kitten Christmas. The album offers Dr. Sunshine’s unique take on Christmas songs, featuring 8-bit chiptune sounds, lo fi vocoder goodness and a heaping helping of weirdness. 


Self-help guru Merv (Matt Carlson) presents guided counseling for his followers, accompanied by modular synthesizer. “Before the 4th floor, there’s already been 4 floors. But it’s a 4 floor building.” via Experimental Half-Hour

Xenharmonic Dance Music Made With Microtonal Synth Plugin

Subersio is a new album of xenharmonic music made with the FMTS synthesizer, a 4–Operator FM synthesis VSTi. FMTS offers a specialized set of features for musicians interested in exploring the possibilities of microtonal and xenharmonic music making. Xenharmonic music explores tuning systems outside of 12-tone equal temperament. You can preview the album below:

Microscopic Opera Performed By Tiny Worms (Experimental Electronic Music)

Matthijs Munnik’s Microscopic Opera is an abstract opera, performed by the micro-organism C. elegans – a tiny worm of less than a mm in length, and the workhorse for genomics research. Here’s what Munnik has to say about the work: The completely worms are monitored by scientist from their first cell division to their death… Read More Microscopic Opera Performed By Tiny Worms (Experimental Electronic Music)