Wusik Announces Wusik VM (VST Manager & MIDI Tools), Version 1.2.0


Wusik has announced the release of Wusik VM (VST Manager & MIDI Tools), version 1.2.0.

WVM extracts presets from any VST loaded into it and allows the user to organize those presets into banks using the standard FXP/FXB format. This manipulation of presets extends to being able, while a group of different VST’s are be loaded, to search through all presets loaded while seeking a particular sound. So, also, can all these sounds, regardless of the VST to which they belong, be categorized into a library, as the user desires (by type, style, etc). To easily enter the original FXP data banks into the user’s new library, WVM 1.2.0 scans each VST loaded and adds it’s presets to the database, if they are not already a part.

The Wusik VM v1.2.0. release includes a fully functional version and a demo version. Details, the full version and the demo version are available at wusik.com. The full version sells for $19.95 USD.

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