Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Online Planner

Modular synthesizer planner has a cool new online modular synthesizer planner for Eurorack-size modules. 

It’s a work in progress, but it has modules from the biggest manufacturers already. It’s just missing scanned images from several of the companies. 

Note that it does let you do some things that might not be possible with real modules (see the image above). 

I’d love to find a Eurorack synth cabinet to match my existing cabinet. The Eurorack format suddenly is where everything seems to be happening. 

3 thoughts on “Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Online Planner

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for putting this news item up. Here’s an update post.

    Planner now has the following features

    — Automatic Save/Load of Layout via Flash Shared Object (cookies)
    stored on your system.
    — All modules graphics now have either their graphic or a labels
    blank panel, so all are usable now. A lot more pictures now.
    — Click a module and press the Delete key to remove modules.
    — Colour scheme change, sorry I cant help myself from fiddling.
    — Clear button now removes all modules from racks, beware this also
    resets your cookie.
    — Inline contact form.

    Project is now getting exponentially more complex so if you find any
    bugs, pop me a message with the form. Known issue is that case size is
    not yet saved in the cookie information.

  2. Hi, this planner has now been updated to V2.0 !
    New features are:

    User defined case width (32 to 168HP).
    Filter/Search modules by HP
    Basic cable system, handy for screen shotting/printing your patches.
    4 Individual layouts
    Per tier stats and module depths *( where data is submitted,for diy’ers).


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