Hyperion Algorighmic MIDI Processor

xoxos has introduced Hyperion MIDI VST, a semi-modular MIDI processor suitable for a wide variety of tuned algorithmic applications. LFOs and counters are used to easily create dynamic MIDI sequences and change them on the fly, or to modulate other components of the architecture.

Hyperion produces glissandos or subtly varying sequences for up to three parts on three separate MIDI channels using a simple chord function. It can also be used as a phrase arpeggiator to make sure that you never play out of key or out of sequence.

You can preview the output of Hyperion MIDI below.


  • Semi-modular architecture, each component can be driven by a selection of other components precedent to it in the modulation hierarchy.
  • Each component has a source that it counts, and a source that resets it, for instance a sequencer might count measures and be reset by MIDI NoteOn (’gate’) events.
  • Structure your sequence in groups that can be modulated, ie. the 8th measure counts
    backwards etc.
  • Output is recallable, and translates between scales and tempos.
  • Output can be transposed using a MIDI keyboard and triggered with MIDI gate events, to
    function as a complex phrase arpeggiator.

A manual with detailed information is available for download.

Hyperion v1.0 sells for $25 USD.

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