Monkey Tools Sound Grinder Pro

Monkey Tools has announced Sound Grinder Pro, a Mac waveform editor and batch-processor:

From advanced metadata and file support to the new waveform editor, you will save yourself a significant amount of time in editing and processing tasks, and with full support for both Intel and PPC processors, you can be assured that your results are fast, efficient and rock solid!

Sound Grinder Pro was also built as a companion to your DAW workstation with advanced naming, metadata processing, and drag-n-drop importing into Pro Tools or other DAW software.

Here are the details….


  • Droplets: Create droplets for those repetitive tasks. Then simply drag and drop assets and they will be processed with your custom settings
  • Movie Preview: Preview the video track of video files, and process the audio while retaining the video track
  • Rapid Convert™: Use Rapid Convert to activate the Sound Grinder Pro processing engine from the Finder, even using previously created presets
  • Process: Perform advanced file processing on your audio assets and then open them in another application. Change formats, apply normalizing, apply AU and VST plugins. Create presets for quick recall of common settings. Apply advanced naming schemes to the output files
  • Share your edit sessions with other collaborators
  • Audition audio files with all conversion settings and plugins applied before processing
  • Preview video tracks while auditioning audio tracks in movies
  • Create custom filenames for export using a wide range of criteria
  • Import/export Digidesign specific content in AIFF, WAVE/BWAV, and Sound Designer 2 files
  • Import/export Spotlight (Finder) comments and include processing information during export
  • View metadata embedded in your assets

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