New Eurorack Synth Modules: The Panther Series

Elby Designs has introduced a new line of Eurorack format synth modules, based on Ken Stone’s Catgirl synth designs.

The range will consist of completely re-designed PCB’s adapted for the smaller format of the EuroRack system. We will be offering both fully-assembled modules as well as Component and Hardware Kits.

In addition to the CGS modules we will also be including a number of other designs.

Panther modules will be offered in the following options:

  • A fully assembled and tested module ready to plug directly in to your EuroRack system. Power supply connection is via a Doepfer A-100 compatible connection.
  • A COMPLETE component kit. This includes the all board for the module, a Front Panel and all the components required to fully dress the board(s).
  • The Front Panel. A high-quality 2mm aluminium panel with photo-etched black printing
  • PCB Set. A full set of PCBs as required to construct the Panther module

Details at the Elby site.

The world of Eurorack modules is getting crowded!


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