Interview With Wowa Cwejman

Velvet Acid Christ‘s Bryan Erickson has published a nice interview with Wowa Cwejman, the creator of Cwejman Synthesizers.

Cwejman developed a large line of synth modules in Eurorack format

Here are a few highlights:

BE: Did you make your systems and modules to cover all the analog ground from the strange sci-fi sound fx to bread and butter synth bass and leads?

Wowa Cwejman: My ambition is to offer the best I can make and with no focus on a specific “sound”. I’ll here quote Gordon Read from Sound-On-Sound magazine and what he wrote and what also reflect my concept; “The difference is hard to quantify, but seems to me to be one of precision. This is a weird concept, and hard to put into words, but the S1 does exactly what you ask of it, neither coloring nor enhancing the sound beyond what you ask it to do. Curiously, this means that it is equally at home producing the sounds of a vintage American synth as it is the fizzy, squelchy sounds of many Japanese instruments.”

BE: I have read that your oscillators track the best for true analog modules. What is your take on this?

Wowa Cwejman: All my products/concepts are simulated in computer simulation software. Already om this early stage I can predict the performance of circuits, such as temperature stability, waveforms shapes, frequency, amplitudes..and all other qualities. I usually don’t make any breadboard but “jump” directly to production units. Exception are S1s oscillators; I tested/confirmed the stability in my climate oven from -10degC to +60 degC and which confirmed the result of my simulated temperature behavior of oscillators. The tracking (and especially in the high region of frequency) is a result of a careful calibration and nothing else.

I’m a perfectionist and I strive to make perfect calibrated products.

BE: What is your favorite old school synthesizer?

Wowa Cwejman: Moog modular, at least back in the 70-th. They are so musical..

Check out the full interview at the VAC site.

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