Detroit Electronic Music Festival Afterparties

Here’s a rundown of the Movement 08 – Detroit Electronic Music Festival – afterparties:

Soul Skate ’08

What: This festival feel-good event features dance music on wheels courtesy of elusive Detroit producer DJ Moodyman (Kenny Dixon Jr.). Last year, Detroit techno luminaries, fans and world-class skaters circled the rink serenaded by skate jams — and a repeat performance is expected this year. The skate contest winner takes home a $1,000 prize. Home-cooked soul food is free while it lasts.

Lineup: Moodyman.

When: 11 p.m.-4 a.m. Saturday.

Where: Northland Roller Rink, 22311 W. Eight Mile Road, Detroit. 313-341-3096.

Admission: $12.

Hi-Tek Soul

What: Techno legend and onetime Movement producer Derrick May dashes home this weekend. Expect him to draw a packed house of devotees. Detroit native Quentin Harris, whose remixes for big names like Mariah Carey and India.Arie have made him a dance floor hit-maker, brings the New York house aesthetic home.

Lineup: Derrick May and Quentin Harris.

When: 10 p.m. Saturday.

Where: 1515 Broadway, Detroit. 313-965-1515.

Admission: $20 advance, at Spectacles in Detroit and Incognito in Royal Oak.

Minus — Contact

What: Windsor native Richie Hawtin is a go-to name for electronic music fans and has been throwing Detroit parties for 20 years. The evening promises minimal techno and banging beats.

Lineup: Richie Hawtin, Magda, Gaiser, Heartthrob, Mark Houle and Troy Pierce.

When: Doors at 10 p.m. Saturday.

Where: St Andrew’s Hall, 431 E. Congress, Detroit. 313-961-6358. or Admission: $35.

Radio Skool/Tronic Treatment

What: This party has something for any lover of electronic music, with shows in St. Andrew’s Hall and the Shelter downstairs. A lineup led by reliably buoyant Detroit favorite Stacey Pullen will be in the Shelter, with the hard techno of Christian Smith upstairs.

Lineup: Shelter: Pullen, Dennis Ferrer, Mike Brown and Mr. V. St. Andrew’s: Smith, Joris Voorn, John Selway and Frankie Vega.

When: 10 p.m. Sunday.

Where: St. Andrew’s Hall/the Shelter, 431 E. Congress, Detroit. 313-961-6358.

Admission: TBA.


DJ AM: Club grand opening also features DJ Yo-C, 9 p.m.-2 a.m. MBarGo, 43325 12 Mile, Novi. 248-374-3420.

Armin Van Buuren: With Blake Jarrell, Thomas Emmanuel, Jeremy Jerome and Ryan Christopher, 9 p.m. Bleu Room Experience, 1540 Woodward, Detroit. 313-222-1900. $25, $60 VIP.

Thursday Night Mash Up: With DJs Godfather and Tom T, 9 p.m. Thu. MGM Grand Detroit, 1777 Third, Detroit. 877-888-2121.

Hijacked Records Ten-Year Anniversary: With Twonz, Tim Baker, DJ Seoul & T. Linder, Quentin, Jerry Swinger, Matt Clarke, DJ Dru, NoLuv, DJ Roach. The Works, 1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-961-1742. $5.

Toy Box: With Thomas Barnett, Claus Bachor and Gabe Real. Como’s, 22812 Woodward Ave., Ferndale. 248-548-1310. Free/$5.

Underground Anthems Live: With DJs Keith Worthy, Patrice Scott, Omar S. and E-Man, 11 p.m.-6 a.m. Trenchtown, 3919 Woodward, Detroit. 313-831-8552. $10.

Tequila & Techno: With Los Hermanos, Buzz Goree, James Pennington, Claus Bachor, D. Wynn, Derek Plaslaiko, Domenico, Sporeprint and Infinity One, 10 p.m. The Works, 1846 Michigan, Detroit. 313-961-1742. $10 before 11:30 p.m.

The Remix Party: With DJs Gen Hung, Cordell Johnson (Nu Bang), Shake, Reggie (Hot Mix) Harrell, Art Payne and Carl Lucas, 9 p.m. Fri. Big City Bar & Grill, 1020 Washington Blvd., Detroit. 313-963-8808.

Official Movement Opening Party: With Ryan Elliott, Efdemin, K. Atou, Transduction Research, Van Valen, Madam Modesty, Jason Short, Clint Stewart, Farzana, Vacuum, E Spleece. 9 p.m. Bleu Room Experience, 1540 Woodward, Detroit. 313-222-1900. www.myspace/detroitmusicfest. $5

Arsenal: With DJs Bet, Phrikshun, Sicari and Salam Wreck. Doors at 9 p.m., Oslo, 1456 Woodward, Detroit. 313-962-7200. $5 before $10.

Masters of the House: A Tribute to Ken Collier: With DJs Delano Smith, Minx, Charles Hicks, Genesis, Mike Clark, Alan Ester, Pirahna and Norm Talley, 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Level 10, 2999 Woodbridge, Detroit. $10.
Hump: With DJ Surgeon. Foran’s Irish Pub, 612 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313-961-3043. $5 before midnight.

Bang Tech 12’s 12 Year Anniversary: With DJ Seoul, DJ Mo Reese, Ronin Selecta, T. Linder, Todd Perrine, 8en, Bileebob, Big Joe Hix, D’Jam, Ben Wu, DJ Southside, Dilemma, Jerry Swinger, G.Major, DJ Nimbus, DJ Katalist, Todd (Jit) Weston, Exodus, DJ Psycho, N. Mattimoe and The Vandal. Bookie’s Downtown Tavern, 1265 Washington Blvd., Detroit. 313-963-2589. Free.

Sixth Annual Pre-Festival BBQ: Presented by Grimace & Friends with Adam X, Danny the Wildchild, Gary Martin, Avex Axiom, Dan Bain, Dan Lucas, Christos, Dustin Zahn, Matt Rissi, Mike G, Mike R & Number 9, Mod 8, Nova. Corktown Tavern, 1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-964-5103. $5 before 10 p.m.

Bassment Allstars: With Skymall, Heartworm, Xrin Arms, The Mourningside Excursion, Johnny Static, Traits, Adon Angel, Little Mack, The Abstraktikons, Nyarlatohtep, Split Horizon, Selector Catalogue, Chem 7, Hobert Euorpe, Noxious One, Clll, DJ Tacopunch, DJ Deadlines and Baron Knoxburry. McCarthy’s Pub, 1600 W. Fort, Detroit. 313-496-0626. $3-$5.

Start the Feed: With Efdemin, Van Valen, Madam Modesty, Jason Short & Clint Stewart, Farzana, Kris Wadsworth, Metaphaze, Vacuum, E. Spleece. Masonic Temple, 500 Temple St., Detroit. $10 before midnight.
The Remix Party: With Gene Hunt, Cordell Johnson, Anthony (Shake) Shakir, Karl Lucas, Reggie Hotmix Harrell and Art Payne. Big City Bar & Grill, 1020 Washington Blvd., Detroit. $5.

Meauxtronic: Session 1: With Drivetrain, Claus Bachor, Mr. Mann, Cloudmaster Weed, Todd Perrine, DJ Alastair. In Eastern Market, 1353 Fisher Fwy, Detroit. Free with flyer.

House 101: With Terrence Parker, J. Garcia and Josh Surma. Proof, 2001 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313-309-3200. Free-$5.

Bob Sinclar: 9 p.m. V at MGM Grand Detroit, 1777 Third, Detroit. 877-888-2121. $50-$75.

Wired for Sound: With Alland Byallo, Nikola Baytala, Sammy D, Craig Kuna, Chris Grant, Don Keipuncher, Tyler Durden, Terrence B, Justin U, Jayded, 10 p.m. Sat. Exodus Lounge, 529 Monroe, Detroit. 313-962-7093. $5-$10.

Massive Manifest: With Disruptive Patterns, Norm Talley, Aaron Carl, E. Dubb & Rhythm Hustler, Vinsanity, Christopher Anhydrous, The Disciple, DJ Rhyno, Frankie Naples, J-Rome, Edison, Pontoon Joe, Brian Scott vs. Shane Smooth, The Deaken, Raskalz, Joel Chartier and DJ Gusto. The Woodbridge Gallery, 1761 W Forest, Detroit. .$15-$20.

DTM 5 X 5: With T. Linder, Dan Lucas, DJ Seoul, Darkcube, Neil V., Loner.9, DJ Psycho, Jackit Crew!, Trench. Corktown Tavern, 1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-964-5103. Free.

Friendly Integration V. 10: With Phoenecia, Agaric, Richard Devine, Christian Wunsch, Museum, Mark Verbos, Loetech, Drumcell, Derek Michael, Acidpimp, Acid Circus, Jerry Abstract, Ian Hind, Quantazelle and DBit. The Works, 1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-961-1742. $20/$25.

Official Movement ’08 After Party: With Josh Gabriel, Steve Porter, Christopher Norman, and Rebecca Sin. Bleu Room Experience, 1540 Woodward Ave. 313-222-1900. $15-$40.

New Path: With Infiltrata, Spktrm, Friske, Ronin Selecta, Joey P, Sinistarr, Chief & Rusty Deyah, Big Joe Hix, Josh Bryant & DJ Everfresh, Slope, MC Subverse, Teddy MC, MC Yoda, Visual Barrage. Esko Lounge, 201 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-962-3000. $10.

LA Riots: With DJ Zebo, DJ Howlermonkey, Jessica Partin, John K and DJ Uzi. Atwater Block Brewery, 237 Jos. Campau, Detroit. 313-877-9205., www.myspace/lariotsofficial. $15.

Strictly House Beatdown: With Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Mike Clark, Alton Miller, Mondo Blaze, Reggie (Hotmix) Harrell and Bruce Bailey. Big City Bar & Grill, 1020 Washington Blvd., Detroit. 313-963-8808. $5.

Too Far Gone… No Way Back: With Adult, Perspects, Dethlab, Cowboy Mark, CMotor, Derek Plaslaiko, Mike Servito, BMG of Ectomorph, Patrick Russell, Carlos Souffront, 1440 Gratiot Ave., Detroit. $10.

Electrobounce Launch Party: With DJ Godfather, DJ X-Change, DJ Rashad, DJ Clent, DJ Chi Boogie, Oliver Way, Mister Ries, Kronic & Chao Xin & Zymotic, DJ Guy, Big Daddy Rick, Steve Newsense, Sirius and BMG of Ectomorph. River’s Edge Grille, 673 Franklin St., Detroit. 313-393-3337. $10.

Deadmau5: With Shawn Michaels, Ryan Christopher and Sir Thomas. Plan B, 205 W. Congress, Detroit. 313-226-1200. $20.

House Gallery: With Jerry the Cat, Diamondancer, Adam Francesconi and J. Ramsey. Proof, 2001 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313-309-3200. Free.

Homegrown: With Yos, Gabe Real, Jenna Brown, Jenny Le Femme, Jag, Zero, Abbe & Jay. River’s Edge Grille, 673 Franklin St., Detroit. 313-393-3337. $10.

PM: With Holy Ghost!, Par Grindvik, Aran Daniels, Duke Shin, Steven Roberts and Joe Varga. Oslo, 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit. $10.

Resolute Afterhours BBQ: With Maetrik, Ryan Crosson, Camea, Pheek, Elon, Kyaro, Miss Fitz, K.atou, Connie, Stefny, Memek and Eric Cloutier. TV Bar, 2548 Grand River Ave., Detroit. [email protected]. $10-$15.

The Other 9 to 5: With Adultnapper, Camea, Miss Fitz & K.atou, [A]pendics Shuffle, Lunatik, Tony Kasper, Dave Powers, Jason Patrick, Dirtybird, Josh Surma, Hakita and Philip Stone. Bert’s On Broadway, 1315 Broadway, Detroit. 313-962-5430.

Wired for Sound: With Sutter & Derek Foreal, Aaron Dae, Ken (ECB) Christensen, Bassick, Derek Hannon, Will Evo vs. Unherd, Jeremy Poling, Coalition of the Killing, Andrew Degarmo 10 p.m. Exodus Lounge, 529 Monroe, Detroit. 313-962-7093. $5-$10.

DJ Armando: With Mike Anthony and Tom T, 9 p.m. MGM Grand Detroit, 1777 Third, Detroit. 877-888-2121.

Radio Skool/Tronic Treatment: With Jooris Voorn, John Selway, Christian Smith, Stacey Pullen, Dennis Ferrer, St. Andrew’s Hall/The Shelter, 431 E. Congress. 313-961-6358. $15.

Shake It Down: The Remix: With 2 Live Crew, Devlin & Darko, Peanut Butter Wolf, K. Fresh, P Live, Starsky & Clutch and Frankie Banks. The Majestic Theatre, 4140 Woodward, Detroit. 313-833-9700. $20.

Fusion: With Steve Stoll, Evol Intent, Gridlok, Woody McBride, Anthony (Shake) Shakir, Scan 7, James Pennington, The Flashbulb, Doormouse, Danny the Wildchild, Teste, Atomic Babies, Michael Wenz, DJ Surgeon (Detroit), Kero, Paranormal Tek, Guys on Drugs, Neil V., E. Dubb, Calico, Ergot, Jofus & Ninaflower, Steel Grooves, Jon(Eric), J-Dubz, DJ Mo Reese, Henneke, DJ Sinistarr, DJ Seoul, G-Major, Todd Perrine, DJ Southside, Todd Weston. Leland City Club complex, 400 Bagley St. Detroit. 313-962-2300 ext 7758. $25 presale.

Substance V.5: With James Ruskin, Joel Mull, Radial, Function, Anton Pieete, Maetrik, Kyle Geiger, Jason Emsley, Kero, Corbin Davis, Jeremy Nida, Punisher, Frankie Vega, Rex Sepulveda, Project 313, John Overfiend and Jason Patrick. Bert’s On Broadway, 1315 Broadway, Detroit. 313-962-5430. $20-$25.

Pure Panic: With Hive, Ewun, Keith Mackenzie, Tomfoolery, DJ Seoul, Ronin Selecta, DJ Nimbus, Tweeknasty, DJ Tanner, Inspekda Breaks, The Disciple and DJ Psycho. Pure, 1500 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 734-274-3102. $15.

Revolution: With Troy Pierce, Reference, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Seth Troxler, Marko Furstenberg, Arthur Oskan, Keith Kemp, Alland Byallo, Joshua Harrison. The Works, 1846 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-961-1742. $5.

W.A.R.M.T.H.: With Alton Miller, DJ Bone, Aaron Carl, DJ Surgeon, Ben Wu, Trench, T. Linder, DJ Sinistarr, DJ E. Dubb, Jeff Comer, DJ Katalist, Kenneth Jeffrey, Veronique and Gary Martin. The Detroit Pub, 1326 Brush St., Detroit. 313-963-3500. $15-$20.

Official Movement ’08 AfterParty: With Benny Benassi, Anthony Attalla, Franco Fabi. Bleu Room Experience, 1540 Woodward Ave., Detriot. 313-222-1900. $20-$50.

Music for Your Mind: With Mark Farina, Jason Hodges, Chuck Daniels and Christos. Confidential Lounge, 211 W. Congress, Detroit. 313-962-1260. $10 before midnight.
For Those Who Know IV: With Suburban Knight, Aquanauts, Buzz Goree aka Clandestine, Nomadico, Mark Flash, Bileebob. Doors at 8 p.m. Alvin’s, 5756 Cass Ave., Detroit. $10.

Opposition Party III: With Hecate, Baseck, Prometheus Burning, Split Horizon, Cutups, Statas and Skymall. 1551 Winder, #208, Detroit. $10.

I-94 & Beyond: With Al Ester, DJ Cent, Greg Grey, Hakim Murphy, Sean Alverez, Frankie Vibe, Reggie (Hotmix) Harrell and Bruce Bailey. 9 p.m., Big City Bar & Grill, 1020 Washington Blvd. 313-963-8808. $10.

Temporary Tattoos: With Martin Landsky, Jamie Jones, Bruno Pronsato, Mikael Stavostrand, Derek Plaslaiko, Taimur & Fahad. Oslo, 1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313-962-7200. $10.

Detroit Jack City: With Lawnchair Generals, Bryan Jones, Santiago & Frank Solano, Gabe Real & Mike Rhythm, Chocolate the Freaky Afronaut, Zeek Dominguez, Nickholas Aldon, DJ Way, Number 9, Episoldier, Theo G & Adam Abstrakt, Tim Pejza. 10 p.m., Corktown Tavern, 1716 Michigan Ave., Detroit. 313-964-5103. $15.

Bump Da Funk: With Frank Rains, E. Spleece, Mike (Agent X) Clark, Norm Talley, Kidd, Chris Grant, Gene Hunt, Adonis Childs, Javonntte Garrett & J&J Productions, Jesse James, The Machinist, DJ Jeremy Grace, DJ Jared Fuller, Ziam’s Liquid Silver, 3 p.m., 2500 Club, 2500 Park Ave., Detroit. Free-$10.

DayRa!: With Brian G, Brenda D, John Simmons, Bjak & Todd Mariana, Aaron Dae, Stephen P., DJ Rhyno & Frankie Naples, J-Lunatic, Tommy Ruffingers & J-Direct and DJ Evol. Noon-10 p.m, Foran’s Irish Pub, 612 Woodward Ave., Detroit. 313-961-3043. $5.

Official Closing Party: With Louie Vega, 10 p.m., Plan B, 205 W. Congress, Detroit. 313-226-1200. $5, free with festival wristband.
Homegrown Part 2: with DJ Seoul, Lisa Lisa, DJ Dick, DJ iMix, Shortstop, Art (Pumpin’) Payne, T. Linder, DJ Dan, Jag, Hardy, Knight and DJ Shadow. River’s Edge Grille, 673 Franklin St., 313-393-3337. $5.
Third Annual DEMF Closing Party: With D:Fuse, the Scumfrog, Gene Farris, Vinyl Junkies, Yos, Jonny White, Nitin. 1540 Woodward, Detroit. 313-222-1900.

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