Effectrix Sequences Effects

Sugar Bytes released Effectrix, a new effects plug-in it describes as an “Effect Instrument”.

It’s designed to let you break your beats, create pulsing atmospheres, psychedelic sound mutations, and crush, stretch, loop and reorganize any kind of audio material in real-time.

Effectrix is available for Mac OS X and Windows, in VST and AU plug-in formats. It costs €99 / $129. A demo version is available at the site, along with examples.

Here’s a video of Effectrix in action:


  • 32-step sequencer matrix for effect activation.
  • 2 modulation sequencers per Effect.
  • 12 subsequences, triggered via MIDI note and host automation.
  • 14 effects:
    • XLoop
    • Loop
    • Scratch Loop
    • Reverse
    • Stretch
    • Tonal Delay
    • Stutter
    • Vinyl
    • Crush
    • Filter
    • Phaser
    • Chorus
    • Delay
    • Reverb


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