USB Turntables Selling By The Truckload

ion usb turntableWhile CDs may be dying, it looks like vinyl is back in a big way.

ION Audio has shipped its one millionth USB turntable.

ION’s USB turntables let you convert the music on vinyl records to digital files on a computer.

ION Audio USB turntables come software that lets you digitize tracks from vinyl directly to iTunes, where it can be played as an MP3 file, transferred to an iPod or recorded to CD.

ION is also offering several varations on the USB turntable idea:

  • LP DOCK features direct transfer to iPod via a built-in Universal Dock;
  • iPTUSB is a portable, battery-powered unit with a built-in speaker for mobile vinyl conversion; and
  • LP 2 CD is a turntable that transfers vinyl recordings directly to CD without requiring a computer.

“People are taking their old vinyl out of the basement and listening to it on their iPod, enjoying it once again,” said Jack O’Donnell, ION Audio president and CEO. “We are pleased to be a part of this movement and we plan to bring even more digital conversion technology to the marketplace.”

ION Audio also offers a range of devices for digitizing other legacy media:

  • TAPE 2 PC is a dual cassette deck that converts audio on cassette tapes to MP3 via a USB-connected Mac or PC.
  • VCR 2 PC eliminates the wasted time and confusion of digging through old home movie tapes, and provides users with a friendly tool for converting VHS tapes to digital computer files.

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