Beautiful Steampunk Synths

Sonofcastille has published a set of videos demonstrating beautiful steampunk-style synths and noise generators.

Here are a few of the coolest:


This is Ray Wilson’s Weird Sound Generator circuit off of, plus audio amp scavenged out of a Radio Shack amp. The case was an old telephone from the 70s.

Captain Nemo’s Beat Box

This is a circuit bent Realistic/Radio Shack drum machine from the 80s.

Radio Free Mars

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Steampunk Synths

  1. Simple gorgeous. I wish more synths would come out with these designs instead of mimicking the look from the 70s and 80s (not that those are bad, either :)).

  2. Heck yes! It would definitely make for some stage presence, just as the modular synths did back in the day (and even today). I would definitely pay for something with a nice steampunk look and feel.

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