Dr. Earth Launches Plan To Use Sex & Hedonism, And Some Urine Power, To Save The World

Dr. Earth has launched a plan to use hedonism, sex and dance music to save the world.

To forward this goal, Dr. Earth’s first step has been to launch a sustainable clubbing initiative:

Working on the basis that a club should be self sufficient and not a drain on the environment, Club4Climate has come up with the varied and interesting ways to be eco-friendly.

The strangest of which have been reported in the UK press, whereby Amy Winehouse is set to headline at Watt nightclub, Rotterdam in September.

Energy will come from urine and sweat from clubbers and toilets will be flushed by rainwater. Projects Abroad, the gap year organisation recently endorsed by BBC Dragon’s Den star James Caan for their forward thinking initiatives, are working with Club4Climate to send young people to create sustainable dance clubs in New York, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.

Once Dr. Earth achieves his goal of sustainable clubbing through urine and sweat powered clubs, he plans to create Club4Climate Island, a sexy eco-friendly holiday destination, where “you can save the world lying down drinking cocktails by the pool.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a little skeptical about the idea that clubbing is going to save the world. And Dr. Earth makes me think that Mini-Earth has to be hiding somewhere.

But if Dr Earth can save the earth with clubbing, sex and hedonism, count me in.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Earth Launches Plan To Use Sex & Hedonism, And Some Urine Power, To Save The World

  1. Hiland makes a good point, but consider that Dante placed those who do violence to others and themselves in the 7th ring of Hell, whereas he placed all the flatterers, hypocrites, seducers and false counselors in the 8th. In other words, JACKASS isn't as serious an immoral abomination as SEX & THE CITY and, of course, Oprah.

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