Is Sustainable Clubbing Legit?

Dr. Earth‘s plan to save the world with sex, hedonism and clubbing seems a bit out there, so I did a little digging to find out more about sustainable clubbing.

I came across this YouTube video that looks at the Sustainable Dance Club in Rotterdam (NL):

While the video is a promo for Toyota as much as the idea of sustainability, it at least highlights some of the concepts behind sustainable dance clubs.

This would be even more interesting if the motion of dancers was used to directly influece lighting and effects within the club. For example, if people move faster, it would generate more energy, making lights brighter or making them flash more frequently.

If people on one side of the club were dancing, but not the people on the other side of the club, you could play a harder mix on the side of the club with the dancers, and a more chilled out version of the track on the side with no dancers.

If you know anything more about the idea of sustainable clubbing, let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Is Sustainable Clubbing Legit?

  1. Sustainable clubbing means more than generating energy by dancing. In the vision of Sustainable Dance Club, sustainability has to be integrated in the building as well in the entire organisation. A Club has to reduce on energy, water, waste and CO2.
    Club WATT in Rotterdam (Netherlands) is the first club who received this label. Check for more information about the concept of sustainable clubbing and the technology behind the products as the sustainable dance floor!
    Check to view the first Sustainable Dance Club worldwide!

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