John Foxx’s Cathedral Oceans

Ultravox’s John Foxx has an ongoing ambient music project, Cathedral Oceans, and he has created abstract videos to accompany the music.

Here are a few review excerpts, via the Cathedral Oceans blog.

“Cathedral Oceans is an ongoing project that stretches back many years and explores ambient sound, washes of reverberated vocals and strings like no other. But it’s also been an audio-visual exhibition, from which this DVD essentially comes.

Each ethereal – and that word exists solely for Cathedral Oceans, believe me – track is accompanied by photos that evolve, blend and merge beautifully to take the original’s listening experience to new levels of emotion. “

Future Music

“This DVD makes it clear that the Cathedral Oceans album should only be experienced as images and music. Foxx has blended together a series of photographs that slowly dissolve, allowing another to bleed through each time one disappears. The vibrant colours change as another image rises to the surface, with some sort of reference point to that which passed before. Greek and Roman faces, stone walls, vegetation and portions of paintings all shuffle forward and spread over 12 perfectly complementary musicial tracks. It’s mesmerising.”

Record Collector

Here’s a segment from the DVD::

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