Design A Custom Modular Audio System Online

Allen & Heath have launched the iLive Configuration Utility, a new online tool that lets you design your own custom modular digital system.

The application comprises 3 screens, starting with the iLive surface, followed by the MixRack, finishing with the addition of extra modules or accessories. There is a ‘drag and drop’ configuration utility, where modules can be ‘dragged’ to the corresponding slots on the back of an iLive surface and MixRack.

An item code is generated for each iLive surface and iDR10 MixRack built, and up to 5 surfaces and 5 MixRacks configurations can be saved during the process.

This sort of semi-automated custom system is great; I’d like to see more companies consider tools like this.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to design your perfect synth, or your ideal custom Ableton Live controller?

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