DSP Music Releases PSPSeq v3.00

DSP Music has released version 3.0 of PSPSeq, a free homebrew application for composing music on the Sony PSP handheld game system.

PSPSeq contains both realtime synthesis and sample playback capability, along with multiple FX modules of widely varying types for modifying instruments in countless ways. PSPSeq also has a powerful and unique step sequencer for triggering samples and arranging loops into full songs.

Key features of PSPSeq:

  • up to 16 independent audio tracks per song
  • a wide variety of synthesizers from traditional virtual analog and FM to Karplus-Strong
    and unique digital oscillators with parameter controls rarely seen in commercial synths
  • WAV file playback with looping, pitch shift, and configurable start/end points
  • many FX algorithms from digital filters and waveshapers to bitmasks and decimation
  • all synthesizer parameters can be set to unique values on a per-step basis
  • step sequencer with configurable step length, swing, highly accurate BPM, and tap tempo
  • probabilistic sequencing: the decision to retrigger to be based on a 0-100% probability
    rather than a boolean yes/no operation
  • song sequencing with 100 different loops per song, 1000 measures per song, and loop
    repeat capability
  • load and save of synthesizer presets between songs
  • record loops and songs to WAV

Some of the improvements over PSPSeq 2.11 include:

  • fixed dc offset in humanize and delay cases
  • synthezier presets
  • load to step, loop, all loops, save current step, preview preset data,
    multiple preset files per synth comp
  • fixed wav save bug
  • add exponential decay on freq to all synths
  • 7Mbytes of memory for samples
  • global configurable sensitivity on apad
  • START always exits menu entirely
  • fm feedback for BFM and FM synths with configurable routing
  • shortcut to synth params from sequencer screen (triangle+L-trig+R-trig)
  • per step pan, pan and vol moved to ENV as well as Stepedit Mode
  • faster load/save and more compressed SEQs
  • configurable stepping through sequencer with apad
  • randomize parameters with ranged setting, start/end points for random values
  • configurable colors
  • namable loops, display next loop jump point
  • better DADSR controls
  • edit a subset of steps in a loop (latched mode)
  • jump by 8 through seq load list (triangle+D-pad up/down)
  • enhance clear track to clear from an arbitrary step
  • enhance shift track to keep old hits for copy/paste functionality

PSPSeq 3.00 can be downloaded here.

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