60 Minutes Of Free Music – The 60×60 Buzz Compilation

The 60×60 Buzz Compilation is a collection of tracks from people using Jeskola Buzz as their music platform.

The release, organized by n3wjack, features an hour of music: 60 tracks, each 60 seconds in length, all produced using the modular software music studio Jeskola Buzz or one of its clones.

The artists participating in this compilation are members of the various online Buzz communities such as buzzchurch, buzzmachines, buzzmusic and other mailing lists and fora.

All this, and a 24 minute bonus compilation containing more buzz goodness containing tracks from people who sent in multiple submissions for the original 60×60 compilation.

Best of all, it’s all free and it’s licensed with a Creative Commons license, so you can download it and share it without any headaches.

You can preview the 60×60 Buzz Compilation below, but get the full package, with artwork, at the Internet Archive.

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