The Bizarre Sound Techniques Of Elijah B Torn

Elijah B Torn introduces and demonstrates some of the bizarre techniques used to create his new album You are Lucky I am not a Vigilante.

There’s lot of creative stuff going on in this video – most important, though, is Torn’s sideways approach, which is applicable no matter what gear or software you have.

Here’s Torn’s own take on what he does:

Elijah B Torn is a sonic-vigilante, boombastic bass-blipping, live-looping, hand-wired light show-providing and an electronic sonic assault. Born with looping device in-hand, Torn has been creating electronic music for well over fifteen years. He uses Ableton Live to bring an unquantized approach to live electronic performance while adding some much needed grit to the sometimes sterile electronic music world. He plays electric bass and guitar, which are used as the centerpieces for creating fresh textures & sounds. Hopwever no sound is safe. From cassette tapes to field recordings, Torn uses them all to create his signature electronic sound which has been heard on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and WNYC’s New Sounds. His second album “You are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante” comes out this year. He is frequently spotted riding the NYC public transportation with a midi-controlled dinosaur or dumpster diving for RAM. He also loves your new haircut.

Let me know what you think of Torn’s approach – then check out his site.

You can also find out more about Torn’s techniques in this great article at CDM.

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