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Lots of great comments this week:

The “most offensive gear ad ever” continues to generate contoversy, with mattavene weighing in with this comment: “I am offended by this perverted publicity, the perverted inclination of associating something attractive with Decadance, or, seen from the other way, making the idea of Decadance look beautiful.”

We recently wondered why Minneapolis hates Kraftwerk, after the the Minneapolis Star Tribune panned a concert by the German techno pioneers.

georgesdelatour says, “Brian Eno once suggested that critics should be required to list their five favourite albums as a preface to their review. Obviously this reviewer’s list would be Tom Petty, Counting Crows and Bruce Springsteen…”

We thought the Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord was sort of stupidtacular, because it disguises a digital keyboard as a retro-styled harpsichord. The C-30 fills an important niche, though, and harpsichordists are passionate about it. 

“The craftsmen in Roland have obviously made a very thorough job in reproducing the touch and voice of an acoustic harpsichord to the most minute detail,” writes Heikkiantila. “The things, that really beats me with C-30 are the small details, that simply do not exist in any other digital instruments; the little rustling sound produced by the dampers, when You release the keys, the fact that when combining the different stops, You can actually hear the different sets of strings plucked a few nanoseconds apart (as mentioned by Christof in the previous message), and even the thumping resonance of the soundboard, if You hit the keys too strongly. Boy, I love that instrument!!!!”

We thought it was crazy the US is using the FBI to arrest music bloggers. Aren’t there more important things that the FBI should be doing?

Some disagreed. 

” I can’t believe how many pirated softwares, disc, movies, etc… there is on the net,” comments samplescience.  “Some people have simply no respect to others people works! Giving back the control to the creators & workers who makes things happens is just the right thing to do.”

Tim Davilla was impressed by the awesome DJ Mobile saying that it’s “ugly, but i bet it makes your block shake!” 

And thanks to Slainte for offering up the first comment on The Complete Guide To MIDI Bagpipes; Covering Practice Pipes, Robotic Bagpipers & The Frankenpipe. “Thanks for this presentation. I’ve been wavering between electronic pipes and a set of good, old-fashioned practice pipes. I think I’ll go with the non-electronic version, but the MIDI pipes are certainly interesting.” 

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