IK Announces New Total Bundle 2 Series

Total Workstation 2 Bundle

The widest range of virtual instrument plug-ins with 5 included workstations, 28 GB of samples and over 14,000 sounds covering every instrument and style, from orchestral, to rock, hip-hop, electronic music and more.


  • SampleTank 2.5 XL Sample workstation with every type of instrument. Over 2,000 sounds, 6.5 GB of samples, and superior multi-effects. Opens all the IK modules’ sounds into a unique super-instrument.
  • Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestral and choir workstation with a complete orchestral sound set and articulations. Over 4,200 sounds and 7GB of samples.
  • Sonik Synth 2 Synth workstation with the widest range of synth elements, layered sounds and waveforms. Over 5,800 sounds and 8 GB of samples.
  • SampleMoog The official Moog synth anthology with 16 multi-sampled synths covering the entire Moog history. Over 1,900 sounds and 4 GB of samples
  • SampleTron The most complete collection of “Tron” sounds ever assembled into one product. 17 hard to find instruments, 350 inspirational sounds, 2 GB of samples.

Total Workstation 2 bundle is priced at $699.99/€539.99 or $599.99/€449.99 for the crossgrade version.

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