Why Is This Video So @#@! Awesome?

Why is this video so damn awesome?

Is it the hip hop opera of Nicholai Baskov, the Michael Flatley of Russian opera?

Is it the obligatory slow-motion shots?

Is it the brief shots of maggots?

Is it the flying steampunk ship?

Is it the levitating rapster?

Is it the generally lurid S&M vibe?

Is it the supermodel rapping in Russian?

Is it the fact that they’re rapping to Albinoni’s Adagio?

Is it the devil rapper with his blood-robed minions?

Is it the fact that the Russian Fabio of opera gets to rap, too?

Or is it the final shot, where Baskov stops a speeding semi-truck with a single glance?

Why is this video so damn awesome?

14 thoughts on “Why Is This Video So @#@! Awesome?

  1. that´s funny! I´ve been in Russia this year for the first time, a couple of times. It fits well into the kind of stuff they like there. For me as a west european, the video is a weird combination of things that don´t fit together very well.

    allthough it is technicially well done. I would like to understand the language to get the clue.

  2. LoooooooooooL!!!!
    I studied 2 years in Russia, and I can only agree with you. It fits very well into the sh*t they like there. It’s very typical for Russia that the Video of a CRAP song is technically on a very high level (3D, FX ………. NICE Girls ;))
    And btw Gernot, I really envy you for not understanding the language 😉 Believe me! You really don’t want to understand what is all about 😀

  3. Funny. Just singing this in the shower this morning and it comes up on Synthtopia. Talk about synchronicity. Agree with Mark about the terrific legs on the girls. Worth looking at.

  4. Grfx303 – you were singing Russian operatic rap in the shower?

    Let us know that there were S&M supermodels involved – but not maggots…..

  5. All of you are right. At us terrible show business. All understand it, but to do well producers do not want. Sadly, but the truth.
    Sometime this situation will change, I hope.
    But now, normal creativity can be found only in Russian underground.

  6. hey guys.
    this is a parody, and most of you take it very seriously 😉
    “rappers” in this track are from famous comedy radio show “murzilki international”.
    and this video – just a joke from them with Nikola Baskov.

  7. This video really sux. Regular marginal stuff for money. Baskoff is a fucking gay, sure… Stupid morons have maked up that for stupid morons.

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