Camel Audio Announce Alchemy Synthesizer

Camel Audio has announced Alchemy, a new software synth that they call “the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer”.

Alchemy features additive, spectral and granular synthesis and resynthesis, sampling, and a capable virtual analog engine with unison and PWM. You can morph or crossfade between sources. You can import your own samples from SFZ, WAV or AIFF files.

A wide range of analog modelled filters are included, in addition to a flexible rack of effects which includes all those from CamelPhat and CamelSpace as well as new effects, such as a high quality reverb. Alchemy also features a powerful arpeggiator with the ability to import the groove from any MIDI file for immediate synchronization to a beat.

Alchemy ships with over 2GB of samples and analysed content from in-house designers Tim Conrardy and Biomechanoid, as well as designers such as Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, Scott Solida and Nucleus SoundLab. A library of 300 excellent presets from many of the world’s top sound designers is included, arranged into categories for rapid access to the sound you require. A variety of expansion sound banks are in development.

Alchemy will be released this Autumn.

Here are the details:

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