Coming Soon: The John Bowen Chronicles

Sonic-Core has announced that starting later this month, they will publish The John Bowen Chronicles, with new installments every few weeks, leading up to the release of the SOLARIS synthesizer.

John Bowen was involved in the development of many legends in synthesizer history – the Prophet 5, the Prophet VS and the Prophet T-8 by Sequential Circuits, and the Korg Wavestation series and OASYS project.

Ten years ago, he left the world of hardware synthesizers to embark on a new journey, custom designing software synthesizers for the SCOPE DSP system. After a long journey down this path, John has returned to the world of hardware design with his first keyboard instrument, the Solaris.

Working with SONIC CORE’s craftsmen, John and the team hope to create a new legend that carries on that tradition of innovation and quality.

John Bowen’s story has been documented with a series published in German Keyboard magazine some years ago, but it left off at the end of his hardware years. The series will pick up the story again, with John discussing his approach in developing some of his Zarg Music plug-ins over the years, and how that has led back to the forthcoming Solaris project.

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