Analog MiniMoog Vs Virtual Analog Minimax ASB

This is a direct comparison between a vintage analog Moog Minimoog (1976) and a Creamware Minimax ASB, trying to use the same settings on both instruments and playing them together or one at a time.

The video was recorded “live” with two cameras and a Panasonic AVE5 video mixer (I’m switching channels manually between takes) and no edit was applied except the title and the fades in/out.

The MiniMax has been housed in a DIY Mini-style cabinet and joined with a 25-keys board, but the project is still unfinished (missing a final painting and the end-block with mod wheels).

2 thoughts on “Analog MiniMoog Vs Virtual Analog Minimax ASB

  1. you have obviously never heard the minimax asb!!! this thing IS a minmoog, and poly to boot, best synth i ever bought, and FUN!!!

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