No Texting On The Dance Floor

It may not be as bad as using your cell phone at the theater, but texting on the dance floor is right up there. 

Turntable lab makes the case for banning phones from the dance floor:

How many times have you gone a party and seen all these wallflowers chillin’ and texting. You can be spinning the most bad-ass jam and the biggest response you can get is people looking up from their phones and going, “That’s my jam!” before going quickly back to perfecting their wpm with their thumbs.

Talk about lame.

When most of our parents were young and going out to clubs, they were drinking, doing stimulants, screaming their heads off, sporting fashion that we can only try to “bring back,” and most of all…they were dancing.

I know if my old skool NY neighbors who partied at the house clubs in the 80’s saw this generation’s parties, they would think we’re pathetic. Going home before 4, talking to only people that you know, and texting in the club can all be filed under BORING.

That’s pretty harsh, but Turntable Lab goes on to deliver the coup de grâce:

If you can’t out-party your parents, what does that say about us?

Just food for thought the next time you see that certain guy or girl busting out her phone in the middle of the jam. Real sexy right?

It’s not just DJ’s that have to deal with texters – anybody doing music has to deal with this. 

Part of the blame has to go to the boring laptop performers. If it looks like you’re checking your email, don’t be surprised if the audience starts texting nastigrams. 

Musicians may be missing an opportunity here, too. Why not consider integrating text messages into events? 

If people are going to be texting, why not have a Twitter account people can send messages to, requesting songs or commenting on what’s going on? It could be another way to engage people at shows!

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