8 Classic Synth Solos Of The Seventies

Rick Wakeman’s Jane Seymour

Not a lot of keyboardists got away with wearing capes, even in the 70’s, but no one seemed to question it when Rick Wakeman cut loose.

Gary Wright’s Love Is alive

Gary Wright performs Love Is Alive, on Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special in 1976.

No extreme synth wailing – but great 70’s style synth work. Features a young Steve Porcaro on synthesizers along with rockin’ ladies on cowbell + tambourine . Also – awesome Minimoog bass.

Edgar Winter does Frankenstein

ROCK’s majesty, condensed into 10 short minutes.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Lucky Man

Just maybe the most famous synth solo ever.

Jan Hammer & Jeff Beck – Star Cycle

Hammer demonstrates why he’s the guitarists’ keyboardist.

Genesis-In The Cage

You have to sit through a lot of Phil Collin to get to it, but Tony Banks delivers a classic prog solo.


Jan Hammer – Darkness/Earth In Search Of The Sun

Hammer never succeeded in making the keytar look as cool as a guitar, but he has always played his ass off. This is a live take of the lead track on The First Seven Days (Synthtopia review).

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon

Herbie Hancock performing Chameleon live in 1975. This video only captures the second half of the song – but it captures the synth solo freakout.

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