Free VST Instrument For Windows

Baby Bion is free synth designed for Soundscapes and Atmospheres, but it can also be used as a general Lightweight Synth. The developed Dual Oscillator provides over 3500 different waveforms which can be mixed in many flexible ways including FM.

Here are the main features:

  • Dual Oscillator – The Oscillator provides 2 waveforms which can be mixed using on of the many modes which includes A+B, A-B, Various FM Modes, Dual Pitch, Split and Distorted.
  • Filter – Cascadable up to 8 times and includes Low Passes, Hi Passes, Band Passes, Comb, Low Shelf, Hi Shelf and Peak.
  • 32 Stage Envelopes – Capable of Repeating Sections, One Envelope is for volume and the second is for the Filter and general purpose, assigned via the Modulation Routing.
  • Drive – Auto Volume Distortion
  • LFO – Uniquely Developed LFO with standard Shapes, plus custom shapes with Smooth Control.
  • SoundScaper – Comb / Delay / Reverb Effect for creating interesting soundscapes.
  • Flanger/Filter – Switchable between Flanger and Filter effect, LFO has over 300 predefined shapes with smooth control as well as standard shapes.
  • FX Routing – 3 different Paths available.
  • Modulation Routing – Multiple options for assigning Modulators to Destinations.
  • Stereo Spread – Allows setting a random value to the Pan of each voice.

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