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  1. Somos – If a track is a public track, there is a link above the track that says share. Click on that and you get an “embed” option, which gives you HTML that you can paste onto your site.

    If a track is a private track, the share option won’t be available.

  2. It should be noted that the free version allows 5 uploads per month. I’m not sure if that’s “within a calendar month” or “within a span of 30 days”, though.
    This is a great site, especially since Last.FM stopped providing the ability to stream a song within a different page (you can still link to the track’s page and have it autostart, but they no longer provide the flash play button for you to embed on your own page).
    Thanks for posting this!

    In the SoundCloud site, there’s a “Share” link for each track… Within the menu that this link provides, you can either grab the code or you can customize the player and then grab the code.

  3. I’m having my music on-line currently via my website, but also through youtube, myspace and google video. Youtube is most important to my opinion because people can leave comments (through it’s social networking, which is not fully tweakable).

    Although, Youtube is good for videos it’s sure not optimized to audio.
    The videos are the toughest to make (they take 2 days each, while I’d rather want to put that experience into music).

    I’ve been searching for one or another service available to get files heard and have found none very good so far except last.fm which is proprietary and house-mixes.com which is more towards dj’s promoting them mixes instead of single edits.

    If there is any need, maybe I should be opening my own xml based media-platform which I’m already using for years, toward the public to get their music heard with commentary etc.. although I’d like to hear first which is available ?

    Without any proprietary tools with exception flash and/or quicktime (depending on which rights gets defined)?

    This towards artists owning their rights of their music only! Since I’d like to keep this system as clean as possible (which doesn’t mean censoring ;))

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