Analogue Solutions Trans Bass Xpress TB-303 Clone Demo

bigcitymusic demos the Analogue Solutions Trans Bass Xpress TB-303 Clone, a faithful clone of the synth engine of the Roland TB-303. 

The Trans Bass Xpress does not have a sequencer built in, so you have to use a MIDI sequencer with it. But this offers possibilities for more interesting patterns and greater performance capabilities.

5 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Trans Bass Xpress TB-303 Clone Demo

  1. Yeah, I checked out the xoxbox video and that sounds more 303 like to me. And while the build in sequencer may not be essential, it is an essential part of what makes the 303 special

  2. Mateo – it sounds like a 303, but you’re right about the sequencer being an integral part of the 303 sound.

    My favorite 303 clone is Future Retro; amazingly enough, you hook up FR’s outputs to any synth and play a sequence and it sounds acid!

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