Absinthe-Controlled Synthesizer

As if absinthe wasn’t strong enough on its own, DamagedMeat has combined his absinthe ritual with his modular sequencer to make ritual absinthe music:

I love Absinth, and I love modular synthesizers, so I thought it would be a good idea to do something featuring those two wonders… And as it actually looked quite good and kinda hypnotic, I taped and uploaded it.

This shows the absinth ritual using a see saw brouilleur and Verte de Fougerolles Absinth (I love that brand). The sound of the see saw brouiller is captured by a microphone and used to trigger stuff in the modular synth (Doepfer A100, with the one and only Isidore robot cabinet)… so that every drops (approximately) changes synth parameters such as pan, fm, filters and delay clock.
I also added some melody from my micromoog and some rvb (on the moog only).

I had to make several takes and edited the thing while I was totally drunk.

The see saw brouilleur introduces a semi-aleatoric element to the music; can an absinthe plugin be far off?

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