K-Bow Turns Violins Into Electronic Music Controllers

Keith McMillen’s K-Bow is a new sensor bow for stringed instruments.

Combined with a standard violin, bass, cello, or viola the K-Bow allows traditional instrumentalists to access the unlimited sound world that a computer provides, while utilizing the virtuosity built from years of practice.

The K-Bow gathers information about a performance through several sensors including an X Y and Z axis accelerometer, grip sensor, tilt sensor, playing pressure, distance from the instrument and gesture recognition. A suite of software lets a musician control the sound of the instrument, record with herself, or send the information to other standard music software.
This video demonstrates the K-Bow Data Screen:
In this demo, Janos Negyesy controls reverb freeze in real-time with the KBow, a wireless sensor bow for string instruments. 

2 thoughts on “K-Bow Turns Violins Into Electronic Music Controllers

  1. is a good idea, but i think it's worthless, you can do all of that just with the same elctric violin and a FXbox software, but still that, good work and job, we always need people who inovate in the music field.

    have a nice day

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