Cool Psychedelic Audiovisual Installation

Hall of Fragments is a very cool installation created for the entry to the 11th International Architecture Exhibition Out There: Architecture Beyond Building.

Passage through the installation disengages visitors from the bricks and mortar of Venice and connects them to the alternative world of “Architecture Beyond Building”.

The reactive environment combines ambient music and abstract visuals to create a new type of audiovisual space.

Technical Description:

“We developed custom software using Openframeworks, an open development environment for C++. It uses 6 Mac Pro Computers, Mac Mini for Sound, 2 Mantis MG video servers, Media Matrix Digital Signal processor, 6 firewire AVT Guppy IR cameras, and custom IR filtered lighting. In the projection each point is given an initial x,y and z coordinates and wanders within a limited area. The points uses Delaunay triangulation to find their nearest neighbor points in the environment and send lines to those points. Those lines solidify and form the faceted planes that the video textures are mapped onto. During the Crescendo moment the projection mesh is surfaced with a faceted terrain that maps the pixels of the films to the facets of the surface.”


Rockwell Group with Jones | Kroloff

Project/ Hall of Fragments Principals/David Rockwell with Casey Jones and Reed Kroloff Based/New York/Detroit Credits/Tucker Viemeister, James Tichenor, Joshua Walton, Zach Gage, Keetra Dixon, Craig Negoescu, Thomas Haggerty

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