Jazzanova Takes Remixing To The Cloud

New music sharing site SoundCloud has announced a Jazzanova remix contest:

We’re really excited to tell you that Jazzanova are doing a remix contest for their new single ‘I Can See’ on SoundCloud. We just had a listen through the parts and it really sounds like a fun remix project to work on. Ben Westbeech does a great job on the vocals and it seems one could do fun stuff with the piano backing track. The original tune is really good as well! 

To start working, just head over to the Jazzanova remix site, register with your email, download the parts and drop your mix in the DropBox. The Jazzanovas will then listen through and comment directly on your track!

A bunch of nice prizes (including Ableton Live licenses and SoundCloud PRO accounts…) are waiting for the lucky winners- and on top the chance of a digital release on Berlin-based label Sonar Kollektiv. The remixes will be presented on the Jazzanova website and Soundcloud. And the winner of the competition will be picked by the Jazzanovas themselves.

This is a cool contest and it shows off how great SoundCloud can work for sharing groups of files. You can check out the remix parts below:

See the Jazzanova site for remix contest details.

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