Popular Posts On Synthtopia From 10th November – 16th November

We’ve been posting a lot lately – here’s a quick digest of the top posts from the last week, in case you missed them:
  • Even More Music From Synthtopia Readers
    Posted on Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 in Free Music – Comments: (5)
    Last week, I asked for Synthtopia readers to send in some tracks to share, via the SoundCloud Drop Box in the right sidebar of the site.We’ve had a ton of cool submissions that we’ve featured previously: Music from Synthtopia readers More music from Synthtopia readers Free music from Synthtopia readersAnd the tracks keep coming in!This batch is embedded using the standard Synthtopia player, rather than the SoundCloud one, because the tracks were sent directly to me via the site:[display_podcast]Tracks include: wileng3’s Yessir – An old comedy routine from the Library of Congress set to to a beat.
  • Presetsurfer on Monome & WiiMote
    Posted on Thursday, November 13th, 2008 in Music Videos – Comments: (4)
    http://vimeo.com/2225955This performance video captures Presetsurfer (aka max Min from Fiago) performing live with Monome and WiiMote at the Styrian Stylez festival in in Graz, Austria.Check out the way he rocks the Monome and let me know what you think.
  • Another Batch Of Great Electronic Music From Synthtopia Readers!
    Posted on Sunday, November 16th, 2008 in Free Music – Comments: (4)
    Recently, I mentioned that I’m checking out SoundCloud – a new music sharing site specifically for musicians.I wanted to learn a bit more about how it works and see if it could be a useful tool for Synthtopia readers. So I embedded a SoundCloud drop box on the right sidebar of the site and asked for readers to send in some tracks.
  • If Somebody Dropped Acid And Invented A Synthesizer, It Might Look Like This
    Posted on Monday, November 10th, 2008 in Strange – Comments: (3)
    Sonic Charge has intoduced a new software synth, Synplant, that’s great looking but offers a bizarre interface.Instead of creating patches the conventional way by turning dials and knobs, Synplant lets you explore a world of organic sounds by planting seeds that grow into synth patches. The purpose of this product is “to move focus away from the sometimes intricate and difficult process of sound synthesis and instead let you develop sounds by simply using your ears”.
  • Donna Summer I Feel Love ’08 Remix
    Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 in Free Music – Comments: (3)
    I like the original Giorgio Moroder production better, but Erek McQueen’s techno reworking of Donna Summer’s I’m Feel Love, below, reminds us that techno is 30 years old – and it still sounds pretty cool.”I have heard the sound of the future,” said Brian Eno when he heard I Feel Love in 1977. “This is it, look no further. This single is going to change the sound of club music for the next fifteen years.
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