Who Is Blind Old Freak?

The name Blind Old Freak has been popping up around the web in the last couple of months.

On YouTube, BlindOldFreak has been posting a series of electronic music videos that have been capturing equal attention for the music and the Buchla synth gear porn.

On SoundCloud, blindoldfreak has posted several tracks in an experimental ambient electronic style:

Different tracks are posted at blindoldfreak‘s extremely minimal MySpace page.

Fans of Nine Inch Nails and ModWheelMood know that Blind Old Freak is a side project of Alessandro Cortini, best known as the keyboardist for NIN.

Cortini hasn’t said much about the side project. It’s unclear whether this is intentional, to create a bit of mystery about the project, or if it’s a side effect of being in two bands.

Here’s what Cortini has said at the BlindOldFreak site:

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the kind words and attitude this music has been welcomed with.

It makes me happy to see it makes you happy to hear what makes me happy.

Blindoldfreak is just starting to take form. It’s just me and an electric music box (Buchla) for now, and it seems to be working between us.

I am collecting songs and looking into ways to release an album in the near future and play shows in 2009, along with more modwheelmood activity.

The real star of Blind Old Freak may actually the Buchla 200e, Cortini’s ultra-rare, ultra-sexy and ultra-expensive modular synthesizer.

In his videos, Cortini keeps the camera trained on his Buchla. This gets the attention of gear freaks, obviously, but it also seems to shift the focus from Cortini and NIN to the music of BOF, and the fact that Cortini’s exploring longer and more experimental music.

Let me know what you think of Blind Old Freak, and if you’ve got any more into, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Who Is Blind Old Freak?

  1. kyrceck – I updated the typo.

    But it’s more than a typo – it seems like every time I mention Mod Wheel Mood I want to type Mod Wheel Moog. Maybe it’s a Freudian slip, or something!

  2. I don’t have much to add honestly, but I really like the blindoldfreak music.
    His latest piece, 111408, sounds nothing like he does in NIN, and its a nice change of pace.

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