11 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Wow… Justice are fakers! Now I have TWO reasons not to like them.

    Faking it on unplugged instruments/controllers is even WORSE than
    using Ableton or other cheater software live. If you can’t rock it in a
    live set, then just stay home.

  2. Apparently, Justice says that this picture was taken right before they realized that the MPD had come unplugged.

    Shouldn’t live performance instruments have locking cords to avoid this?

  3. Dead Panda – shut up and get back on your guitar.

    Who cares about the power chord being in or not – it’s obviously not live anyway. What I find sorta weird is that, with all the gear they have they’re using a €200 drum controller. Aren’t these types meant to use MPC’s or daisy-chain Kaoss pads when they want to do something simple like playing samples?

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