Justice Video Contest: How Were You Great In 2008?

Video site Vimeo has teamed up with the band Justice on a new video contest – HOW WERE YOU GREAT IN 2008?

Drawing from this past year, they want to see what you did that was GREAT. Whether you were filming, recording, playing, listening, drawing, snapping photos, writing, traveling, touring, blogging, promoting something you love, voting, blah blah blah.

There are over $6000.00 in prizes, which include a trip to hang out with 2008’s Grammy nominated electronic duo, Justice & Ed Banger mate and art director, So Me on New Year’s Eve in Chicago, at Revolution Number 9, as well as limited edition custom merch.

To enter, videos must be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes and must be tagged with ‘jst4all’ and a tag for the blog/site that referred you to the contest.

That means that you add these two tags to your videos: jst4all and synthtopia, and when you win, you send me a postcard from your trip.

Submissions will be accepted till the end of November and the finalists will be determined by the video that receives the most likes.

The requirements are pretty wide open – so submit a cool video, tag it jst4all and synthtopia, and see if you can win some cool schwag!

Image: ghindo

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