New iPhone Tabla App

Alfred Sarkis has released a new $.99 iPhone app, Tabla (App Store link).


The Tabla (also known as Arabic drum, darbukkah, darbouka or dumbak) is a single-headed hand- drum found in most Arab music ensembles.

This application provides a Tabla with 5 different beat sounds, the “Doum” in the middle, and 4 different “Taks” in the four corners of the drum. For best sound quality, connect your iPhone/iPod touch to external speakers or headphones.

You can play your iPod music in the background while using this application.

4 thoughts on “New iPhone Tabla App

  1. A tabla is not also known as any of those other names, a darabukkah is a completely different drum in its on right, Tabla is also not arabic, thunless you dispute its origins from afganistan and pakistan.

  2. Tabla got it name as it was played in Mughal darbars in India. its not arabic. The syahi on top tells its an offshoot of Mridangam.

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