Kreativ Sounds Looking For Sound Designers

Kreativ Sounds, a new site that features pay-what-you-wish soundware, is looking for sound designers

Here’s what they are looking for:

  • Thematic loops packs with at least 25 loops in Apple, Acid, Wav or Rex format;
  • Synthesizers Sound Banks with at least 32 patches / presets;
  • Reason Refills with at least a total of 64 patches for Subtractor, Malstrom, Thor, Combinator, NNXT, ReDRUM AND / OR NN19;

Other info:

  • The rates are 50% – 50% from the sale price. All the Paypal and promotion fees are supported by Kreativ Sounds.
  • The product must contain copyright free sounds, patches or loops.
  • The product must be exclusively distributed through Kreativ Sounds websites and shops.
  • The product remains entirely yours and you can retire it (if you want) only after 1 Year after accepting the distribution contract.

2 thoughts on “Kreativ Sounds Looking For Sound Designers

  1. Is there a compilation listing of companies looking for sound designers? I’ve seen quite a few freelance graphic design jobs, but sound design is a little harder to come by in terms of being clearly advertised.

    Thanks for this useful post, and I hope you’ll continue to showcase these opportunities!

  2. Hi there,
    My name is Jan Hudak, i am Music Composer and Sound Designer,
    creating music and sound FXs for games and TV projects, i am very interested in cooperation with you creating synthesizers libraries and refill packages for reason. I am able to create almost every sound format today awailable.

    You can contact me at this email:
    [email protected]

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Yours Sincerely
    Jan Hudak

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