Free ReFill Features “Filthy & Nasty” Chip Drums

Sir Sedric has released a free Reason ReFill, ChipDrums, which features “Filthy chip Drum Delight.” Sir Sedric adds, “I made a ReFill with two supremely dirty Combis (Nasty Room and Filthy Box)”. Sounds promising….. Features: 2 Performance Combinators w/ Routed Effects 5 Starter Redrums, Full Kits w/Cymbal Choke 12 NN-XTs for Searching by Instrument 150… Read More Free ReFill Features “Filthy & Nasty” Chip Drums

Free Reason ReFills

Stereoklang has released a collection of free downloadable Reason ReFills: We have been collecting free or demo Reason Refills for over 7 years and of course we are happy to share them with the rest of the world. All Reason Refills you will find on this site are non-pirated this means that they are free… Read More Free Reason ReFills