MFX24 Multi FX Processor Demo

The MFX24 is a portable effects processor that has been designed with the circuit bending and electronica culture in mind, with a retro design, straightforward interface and small form factor makes it the perfect companion for the studio and live performances.

It has a full blown 24 bits processing engine with 15 presets like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, pitch shifter,high and low pass filters. It can act like a synthesizer with a sine wave generator that can create an extremely low powerful bass and also has a random LFO generator.


  • Three independent potentiometers for real time manipulation, control 3 different aspects of the selected preset for unique sounding effects in real time
  • Straightforward operational interface designed for quick access
  • Ultra-compact 4.5″ stereo multi-effects processor
  • Retro L.E.D. display with preset info and graphical pot positioning display
  • 15 presets including 2 synthesizer like effects sine wave generator and a low frequency oscillator
  • Three independent REAL TIME potentiometers, controlling three different aspects of the selected preset
  • Wall power supply
The MFX24 Multi FX Processor is a homebrew effects unit and will be sold on eBay. 

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