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Rob Hensley’s Audio Scope (App Store link) is a $.99 iPhone app that uses the remote i/o audio unit for handling audio input and output.

The application can display the input audio in one of the forms, a regular time domain waveform, a frequency domain waveform (computed by performing a fast fourier transform on the incoming signal), and a sonogram view (a view displaying the frequency content of a signal over time, with the color signaling relative power, the y axis being frequency and the x as time).

Tap the sono button to switch to a sonogram view, tap anywhere on the screen to return to the oscilloscope. Tap the FFT button to perform and display the input data after an FFT transform. Pinch in the oscilloscope view to expand and contract the scale for the x axis.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Audio Scope

  1. This is “AurioTouch” application provided by Apple. You copied whole stuff & then earning 0.99$. Strange but good marketing strategy.

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