New Cyclops Module Lets You Control Frickin’ Lasers With Your Modular Synthesizer

LZX Industries has announced the first Eurorack-to-ILDA Laser Projector interface – a module designed to let you control lasers with your modular synthesizer. Cyclops is an interface module which converts modular signals to the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) specification for laser show projectors. You can use Cyclops with your modular to synthesize a full range of oscillographics patterns and lissajous geometries.

Forget Smartwatches – The Oscilloscope Watch Is Here!

Tech blogs have been buzzing about smart watches for months, like the rumored Apple iWatch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. We’ve yet to see any compelling reason to get interested in the smart watch category. But in the category of stupidtacular watches, we can get excited about Gabriel Anzziani’s Oscilloscope Watch! It’s huge and it… Read More Forget Smartwatches – The Oscilloscope Watch Is Here!