15 thoughts on “Eighties Synthpop Reimagined As Trance Music

  1. I would say that Emmon really is closer to pop-electro than trance — close to e.g. early Adult.

    I only bring this up because I like Emmon and hate trance music. If I haven’t mentioned that before. Like, every time you post something about trance.

  2. Well, it has that Swedish touch, doesnt it.

    Not bad, very 80s, but luckily no shoulder pads and crap hairdos.

    I agree not very trancey, and the video obviously was shot on a multi-million dollar budget. But hey, she has a decent voice and it doesn’t send me into uncontrollable palpitations or hysterical laughter. I’d listen to it again voluntarily…

  3. Love it! To me, the only trance element here is the super-detuned synth melody. Agreed, a bit like early Adult. – with less of their punk element.

    I’m suddenly imagining a rework/cover by Miss Kittin…

  4. My memory slides further back… sounds like a faster version of Yazoo (but without Vince Clarke pretending to interact with a synth in the background). [adopts pretentious posturing] What is this “trance” of which you speak?

    I love her voice. I keep coming back to watch the video again, and again, and again, and…

  5. 2 simple elements are required to be recognized as “trance” (in the generic, not the all-substyle-spanning sense): a big saw melody and 4/4 kick drum. Yes, there can be others, but these are the most common.

  6. Leave it at Synthpop, this is not trance, it does not follow a trance structure or dance structure at all, but a typical rock-format.

    TBH, this could almost be future-pop or industrial-pop, like VNV or Apoptygma Berserk.

    Good song, her singing is great. Wish they would have tuned the one synth to her voice though, a bit sour to my ears.

  7. Totally stereotypical trance lead synth.

    Maybe people are stopping the video before it veers into trancelvania.

  8. My point (I knew I had one) was that I was mocking the notion that synth music begins at “trance”. The lead synth line is typical of a hell of a lot more content than “trance”, and predates “trance” considerably. Just because “trance” has over-used and abused that sound doesn’t give it any exclusive ownership, no more than breakcore’s usage of the “Amen…” break gives it any exclusive claim to all usage of that loop. Not that I have any problem with trance, I just don’t think its all that useful a label anymore.

    There may be a lot of other things that also “quack like a duck”… it doesn’t make them all ducks. Not that I have any problem with ducks.

    All of which is completely beside my other point… I like this track. I like it a lot. (I also like reading my own writing, which is why this post is so needlessly long)

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  10. I would agree with all the other commenters about it being pretty much straight-ahead ‘synthpop’.

    I’m not a fan of labels of any sort, though. ‘Trance’ is one of those that is especially broad and nebulous.

    That said, the track is nice. Great sounds all around, regardless of how it could be categorized.

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